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About Us 

Scale model maker Mark Alvarado made this miniature of our historic building (circa 2011, notice the window changes) on the corner of Georgia and Bond.
  • Scale model maker Mark Alvarado made this miniature of our historic building (circa 2011, notice the window changes) on the corner of Georgia and Bond.

The Source Weekly

Bend’s Independent Voice Since 1997

The Source Weekly is a weekly newspaper based in Bend, Ore., covering news, art, music, events, outdoors and other issues of interest to readers in Central Oregon.

Our mission: to go deeper into the stories Central Oregon is talking about, and to offer thoughtful, well-researched, sometimes humorous and always entertaining insight into issues—with a lens of equity and social justice, and the goal of balanced journalism, backed by diligent fact checking.

Based in downtown Bend, the Source was founded in 1997 by Aaron and Angela Switzer, who continue to independently own and operate this vibrant local paper. Several years after founding the Source Weekly, the Switzers also founded Lay It Out Events, offering a host of events including the Bite of Bend, WinterFest and SummerFest. 2016 marked the launch of Bend Nest: A Parenting Magazine, a Source Weekly sister publication.

In addition to covering local news, the Source Weekly maintains the most comprehensive events calendar in the region, and produces a host of guides and special issues—including Scout, our annual visitor’s guide; an annual Best of Central Oregon issue; a biannual Happy Hour Guide; an annual Restaurant Guide; a Breakfast & Lunch Guide and The Leaflet, our biannual guide to the cannabis scene in Central Oregon.

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Awards We've Won


First Place — Best Feature Story, awarded to Daniel Pearson (Society of Professional Journalists Northwest Excellence in Journalism)


3rd place – Social Issues Reporting, awarded to Eric Flowers (Society of Professional Journalists Northwest Excellence in Journalism)


1st Place – Writing, awarded to Eric Flowers (Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association)


1st place – Best Editorial/Column, awarded to Nicole Vulcan/Aaron Switzer (Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association)

1st place – Best Feature Writing, awarded to Nicole Vulcan (Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association)

2nd place – Target Audience Publication General Excellence (Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association)


1st place - Best Editorial/Column, awarded to Nicole Vulcan/Aaron Switzer (Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association)

1st place – Target Audience Publication General Excellence (Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association)

1st place – Design, awarded to Shannon Corey, Wyatt Gaines, Esther Gray (Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association)

2nd place – Best Feature Writing, awarded to Nicole Vulcan (Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association)

3rd place – Best Feature Writing, awarded to Chris Miller (Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association)


1st place - Best Feature Writing, awarded to Nicole Vulcan (Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association)

1st Place - Design, awarded to Shannon Corey, Esther Gray, Darris Hurst

Our Team

  • Ashley Sarvis

    Ashley Sarvis
    Account Executive

    Ashley is a native Floridian who enjoys live music, strong coffee, and a good Old Fashioned. She is a former Olympic trapeze artist with an extensive bug collection.

  • Ban Tat

    Ban Tat
    Account Executive

    Ban is a proud father, fearless volleyball coach and an avid sponge painter.

  • Angela Switzer

    Angela Switzer
    Controller/Bend Nest Editor

    One of the original members of the Source team, Angela remembers the days of ringing fax machines and crying babies when the newspaper operated out of her home. She loves all things outdoors, especially mountain biking with hubby, trail running and cooking gourmet meals, while camping in her beloved Eurovan. Her partner in crime is a mini Aussie named Kashi. She is a self-taught accounting wizard, loves to read non-fiction books and is the Editor of Bend Nest Parenting Magazine.

  • Richard Sitts

    Richard Sitts
    Copy Editor

    Richard Sitts grew up in the midwest, mostly in Kansas. After earning a journalism degree from Kansas State University, he worked in various capacities at newspapers in Kansas, New York, New Mexico, California and Colorado, before arriving in Bend several years ago. Highlights included working as a bureau reporter covering the Navajo Nation in Window Rock, Ariz., copy editing and writing stories for the Albuquerque Tribune, and serving as editor for a group of four weekly newspapers in central California. Once, between journalism jobs in Houston, he worked as the assistant stage manager at an old school, burlesque dinner theater. The second show every night, the dancers performed topless, as he moved curtains and props, and operated the dry ice fog machine.

  • Nicole Vulcan

    Nicole Vulcan

    Nicole Vulcan has been editor of the Source since 2016. (Blame her for everything since then.) Favorite car: A Trek commuter bike. Favorite cat: An adopted dog who looks like a Jedi master. Favorite things, besides responding to your comments: Downton Abbey re-runs, Aretha Franklin albums, and pink wine.

  • Aaron Switzer

    Aaron Switzer

    Aaron Switzer is the founder and publisher of the Source. He remains fascinated with the art of communication even after being marinated in it for the past 30 years. He has many favorites but they pale in comparison to mountain biking on the middle fork of the Willamette with any family member who will go. Believes ultimate frisbee is the worst sport and best game ever invented. Thinks everyone should ride a motorcycle.

  • Darris Hurst

    Darris Hurst
    Production Manager/Art Director

    Darris is an award winning graphic designer, professional photographer and video production specialist. If he’s not in front of his computer, then you will find him taking in a game somewhere, working in the garden, adventuring with his family or playing a round at the local disc golf course.

  • Jack Harvel

    Jack Harvel

    Jack is originally from Kansas City, Missouri and has been making his way west since graduating from the University of Missouri, working a year and a half in Northeast Colorado before moving to Bend in the Spring of 2021. When not reporting he’s either playing folk songs (poorly) or grand strategy video games, and checking out the different hiking trails in Central Oregon.

  • Trevor Bradford

    Trevor Bradford
    Reporter/Calendar Editor

    Trevor considers himself the forever traveling man. Coming from a military family and with no true place to call “home,” Bend, for now, is where his dad hats hang. When he isn’t traveling you can catch him enjoying fresh air, living his best life and thinking about traveling. He graduated from Boise State University and has been on the path of being a reporter ever since.

Source Weekly Editorial Policies:

Fact Checking Policy

Our editorial team makes every effort to verify the information provided to us is accurate and truthful before we publish it. Reporters are responsible for checking names, dates, titles, days and dates, addresses and URLs and other factual information in their stories, and for verifying the information included in quotes is accurate and truthful. An editor and copy editor subsequently edit and fact-check information provided in stories before they go to press or are published online. If you encounter information you deem incorrect on our site or in our print publication, please email editor@bendsource.com and provide any supporting documentation so that we can review it and assess whether a correction is in order. (see Corrections policy below)

Ethics Policy

Our ethics policy is simple: seek the truth. Verify information before it’s published. Aim to present a responsible and fair glimpse of the issue at hand. Be accurate, and correct inaccuracies as soon as possible.

Our editorial team does not engage in “pay to play” journalism, in which sources pay or otherwise influence us to write a positive story on them, and our news and advertising departments engage in separate duties so as not to allow undue influence from advertisers over our editorial coverage. When we are in doubt about a particular ethics-related question in our journalism, we rely on the trusted guidance from the Society of Professional Journalists and The Associate Press’ ethics policies to help us make sound decisions.

Corrections policy

When we make a mistake in our stories, we will update or otherwise correct the story in its online form as soon as possible and will add a note to the story that indicates what changes we made. We will also publish a printed correction in our print edition, if the error appeared in print, within three weeks of the initial error.

Comment policy

We believe in people’s First Amendment rights to free speech, even if we don’t agree with their arguments, and will not remove comments simply because they differ with the personal or political perspectives of our staff. We do reserve the right to remove comments or block users from our website and social media accounts should they use libelous or slanderous language— in other words, when they write things that are untrue or intended to defame someone. We also reserve the right to remove or block users who post spam on our site(s), and to filter comments for hate speech and threats.

Thanks for reading!