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Since 1997, the Source Weekly has been Central Oregon’s locally-owned, family-owned newspaper, packed full of information on local events, impactful news stories and award-winning feature and editorial coverage. Sadly, it is now the only one. In 2019, we began bringing even more timely news and information to Central Oregon with the launch of the Cascades Reader, our five-day-a-week digital newspaper.

Our publication has never been stronger, and we continue to grow, but we need to do more. You can help us build upon our award-winning feature and investigative reporting by accepting our invitation to become a Source Insider.

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The Source’s award-winning coverage has included pieces such as “Portrait of a Patriot,” by Nicole Vulcan, winner of Best Feature Writing in the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association Associate Member contest in 2018; “Bucking Tourism Bucks” by Chris Miller, 3rd place winner in the ONPA Best Feature Writing category in 2019, and “Consent and Accountability,” winning 1st place for Best Editorial/Column from ONPA in 2019. The Source has won back-to-back awards for Best Editorial/Column, in both 2018 and 2019, winning a total of five ONPA awards in 2019, and three in 2018.

The Source Insider membership program is your chance to support local, award-winning journalism, and get great extras, too.

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The Source Insider membership program puts you at the forefront of our coverage. Every Source Insider has the opportunity to take part in our Editor’s Forums, where we gain critical local information that helps shape our coverage. We also routinely poll Source Insiders about what matters most to you and yours.

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Take a look at the sponsors for the events around Central Oregon and you’ll start to notice something: The Source Weekly is a proud supporter and partner in many of the biggest and most popular local events—meaning we can offer Insider access to many of the events you already like to attend.

Source Insiders receive the first notifications about free and discounted events around Central Oregon, before we offer them to anyone else. As well as exclusive VIP moments at existing events.

Want to meet the Director of Theater in the Park? Have aspirations to sip beer with local Bend brewers? This is a smattering of what Insiders will enjoy.

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  • A thank you in the Insider newsletter after joining.
  • VIP access at major festivals such as: Beer with a local brewer at the Little Woody Beer Festival or backstage access at major festivals such as Oregon WinterFest or Bend Summer Festival. (subject to availability).
  • Exclusive polls: Weigh in on important local issues and coverage questions.

Super Source Insider: Contribute $15/month or more — now, that’s next level!

True Community involvement requires support. Super Source Insiders receive all the perks of a Source Insider, plus:

  • “Locals’ Bingo” t-shirt
  • An autographed portrait of Yoga, Editor Nicole Vulcan’s famous punk rescue dog—with a mohawk!
  • An invite to our Best of Central Oregon party each August—where you’ll meet all of the region’s movers and shakers (and get free food and drink, too).
  • Special VIP event invite to our “Ask Us Anything” presentation at Broken Top Bottle Shop featuring Editor Nicole Vulcan and Publisher Aaron Switzer.
  • Access to a member hotline: Text us a tip, a Source Weekly writer will respond to your call about a story within 48 hours.

The Patron: Make a one-time contribution of $500 or more

Patrons receive all the membership benefits of the Source Insider & Super Source Insider levels, plus:

  • 2 tickets to the Central Oregon Golf Show.
  • 2 VIP tickets to the Little Woody Barrel-Aged Beer, Cider & Whiskey Festival in September 2020.

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